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Race Night 13 November 2021
The sport of Kings is arriving at the Village Hall on 
Saturday 13 November 2021.  Come along and enjoy a fun night at the totes and display your skill at forecasting winners.
Become a race sponsor, a horse owner or a jockey and enjoy your moment within the winners circle.  Entry is via a ticket in advance, costing just £2, which is available from the Dickin Arms or any of the committee members.  All profits will go towards the upkeep of the Village Hall

Christmas Party 11th December with the Dirty Rockin Scoundrels - Further information coming soon.


LetThereBDC Saturday 6 November 8.30 pm

dirty rockin scoundrels.jpg

The Dirty Rockin Scoundrels Saturday 11 December
Start time 8.30 pm with doors open at 8 pm.
Tickets are £12.50 each and can be bought from the Dickin Arms, and committee members.


Jim Kirkpatrick.jpg

Jim Kirkpatrick Friday 14 January 2022